The Cincinnati Ukrainian Festival welcomes you to come and enjoy everything the Ukrainian culture has to offer! 

It is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Ukraine through the captivating performances of artists and dancers, unique crafts, fun children's activities, delicious Ukrainian food, and a special Cossack beer garden.

So bring your family and friends on August 5th to our second annual Ukrainian Festival of the Tri-State Area, which will take place on the grounds of Fleming Road United Church of Christ, at 691 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231.

The goal of this year's festival is to raise funds to equip one of the Kherson hospitals with basic diagnostic tools. 

The Kherson Region used to be one of the flourishing centers of southern Ukraine. During the russian invasion it was robbed and ravaged by the enemy. After the liberation by Ukrainian forces in November 2022, it became evident that a majority of valuable equipment was either destroyed or stolen from many hospitals. All the efforts of the Ukrainian government and our volunteers to restore the region faced a major hurdle, after the entire area flooded, as a result of the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam by its occupiers on June 6, 2023. That act of terrorism left the region without not only its vital infrastructure but also medical equipment. 

Kherson is still one of the most shelled areas of Ukraine and it is in dire need of basic medical tools and our support.

During these difficult historic times, when the broad swaths of Ukraine are being destroyed and millions of people are constantly terrorized, there is only one way to make a difference - and that is to do something, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Then before you know it - we will be making leaps and bounds. A sprint to Victory. To a place where every life matters. Where human dignity exists and human rights are respected. We implore you to please continue to stay with us in any capacity possible. Please be a part of our story with a happy ending. 

And on August 5th - be a part of the celebration of our culture. A beautiful, unique culture of Ukraine.